We are sad for us, but happy for Lucky. Our sweet kitty Lucky had to be re-homed. And our last day with him was Sunday. We had him for nearly 4 of his 6-1/2 years. And he was definitely an important part of our family.

Last fall we got a letter from the city telling us that our cat cannot roam freely outside…that it was against the city ordinance. That was news to us. But sure enough, we did our research and it was true. The letter told us that a we could get fined if another complaint came about him. And then he could also be taken away.

Through the winter, it was easy to keep him inside. But when spring came around, it was not a fun experience to try to turn our outside cat (he came to us that way) into an indoor one. Life was not pleasant hearing him plead and seeing him scratch at the door all the time. We tried a leash, but that didn’t work. We looked into the idea of building him a catio, but came to the conclusion that putting thousands of dollars into a tiny addition on the house for the hope that he would be at peace didn’t make sense to us. Lucky needs his space to run and a catio wouldn’t cut it. So we gave in and started letting him go back out.

It was stressful these past few months knowing some day we’d get another letter or even wondering when someone was going to just take him away. We recently heard how “well known” he was when we had a neighborhood party at the start of August. It was funny to hear how many garages he hung out in, but it also made us worry more.

Lucky was showing signs of stress with our remodel. The clawed new leather stool this last week was the turning point, though. We all finally agreed that it was time to find him a new home. I could no longer be selfish and try to hang onto him just because I loved him so.

I posted on Facebook about our situation. And right away my friend Tricia messaged me to tell me about a friend of hers who was looking for a cat that fit Lucky’s description. She lived in a rural area with her husband and little boy, grew up with farm cats, and wanted an outdoor cat. Things moved fast, and I shed quite a few tears. But we all knew in our hearts that this was going to be the perfect home.

So this past Sunday all four of us and Nick’s girlfriend Jaylene made the trip to bring Lucky and his belongings to his new home an hour north.

Saying good-byes was tough.

But he is now living in the garage of this loving family’s rural Minnesota home. Lucky is very social and good with children and other pets. So he will enjoy being around their boy and lab, Norman. In fact we’ve already heard that the introduction of Norman and Lucky went well the first night after we left. Yay!

He will be an outdoor cat able to roam and catch mice anytime he wants. He’s living his dream life! And though I miss him so, I’m very happy that he is where he needs to be.


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