I had planned to share the silhouette cards I blogged about this past weekend in a Facebook Live broadcast last Wednesday, but my father-in-law’s health took a drastic turn on Monday, the 17th (the day after Father’s Day). After hearing Tuesday evening that he probably wouldn’t improve, our family drove out to see him Wednesday. The plan was that he would be moved to hospice care on Thursday. But just before we left, we heard that he was already being moved from the hospital to the hospice facility. We are so grateful we went, because we were able to hold his hand and say our good-byes, thank you’s and I love you’s.

Tim’s dad, Fred (“Papa” to the boys) passed the next morning, around 10:35 AM Thursday, June 20th. It happened all too fast after getting that news just a few days earlier. I’m sorry I didn’t share this news with all of you earlier as I know many of you have been asking me how he is doing. But things have been a little busy and I was in my own world for awhile after seeing Fred and the family. So I just decided to keep my planned posts this past week as is. (Many of my posts recently have been written a week or more in advance because I’m trying to get ahead of things for when I travel to Greece with my sister next week.)

The visitation and funeral service are today. I asked for your thoughts and prayers when Fred first starting having difficulties about a month ago, and they have helped. My family has felt the love and support you have sent. There is something to say about the power of prayer. Thank you. ❤️