Paper Pumpkin Kits – Now available in Prepaid Subscriptions (for gifts, to save money, to order towards hostess rewards,…) - Stampin’ Up!® - Stamp Your Art Out!

Stampin' Up! is now offering prepaid subscriptions for Paper Pumpkin, our monthly subscription kit program. Each month a fully designed project kit arrives in a delightful box filled with stamps, ink, and paper–everything cut and ready to go.

Just order the subscription length of your choice, and you’ll receive a redemption code where you can use it to redeem your subscription on

Item Paper Pumpkin Prepaid Subscription Price (Shipping Included)
137858  1 month $19.95
137859  3 months $59.85
137860  6 months $113.70 — save $1 per month
137861  12 months

$215.40 — save $2 per month


Give as a gift. You can buy a prepaid subscription and give it as a gift. Just purchase a prepaid subscription and when you receive the redemption code, share it with the recipient of your choice who can redeem the subscription at What a wonderful idea for Mother's Day!

Order it at a party or in an online order. Just enter the item number for the subscription you desire. Shipping is already included into the cost, so the only extra amount is sales tax.

Host a party and earn hostess rewards when we show off these great kits. If you have a party or even specifically a Paper Pumpkin party, you can earn hostess rewards when guests purchase these prepaid subscriptions!!! Woo hoo!! If you live locally, let me know if you want to have a Paper Pumpkin party. I'm ready to come over and share these great kits with your friends.

Order the 6 or 12 month prepaid subscriptions to save money. Who doesn't want to save money?!

Works for new, past and current subscribers. I LOVE that current subscribers can purchase and use prepaid subscriptions as well! That way we can ALL take advantage of the savings on the 6 or 12 month options.


Be part of Rachel's Paper Pumpkin Online Club and earn hostess rewards yourself! Want to take part in a Paper Pumpkin club online club so you can earn free Stampin Up! merchandise? Click here to learn more.

Prepaid Subscriptions Now Available! Let’s form a club - join our orders together with a Hostess Code and get FREE Hostess Rewards! - Stampin’ Up!® - Stamp Your Art Out!

 Paper Pumpkin just keeps on getting more and more excellent. 🙂

(See below for more Q & A.)


Stamp Your Art Out! ~Rachel



Q: Can I order more than one prepaid subscription at once?
A: Each Paper Pumpkin account can only use one redemption code at a time. For example, if someone buys two six-month prepaid subscriptions, they'll enter the first code and then, after six months, enter the second code.

Q: How are prepaid subscriptions redeemed?
A: When the order is paid for and closed, the customer will receive an e-mail with a redemption code and instructions on how to redeem. The e-mail will guide them to where they will enter their code. The system will recognize the number of months they've paid for.

Q: Can a current subscriber order a prepaid subscription?
A: Of course! After they order and enter the code, the prepaid months will be used up before any future shipments are charged. When the prepaid months are over, the subscription will continue and be charged monthly to the credit card on file.

Q: Can a prepaid subscription be ordered with a hostess code?
A: Yes. If you have a workshop with a hostess code set up, a customer can go online and enter any of the prepaid subscription item numbers.

Q: Can I buy a prepaid subscription with hostess benefits?
A: Yes. A prepaid subscription can be added to either the free or half-priced hostess items.

Q: Can a prepaid subscription be ordered as a gift?
A: Yes. Although this isn't officially a gift subscription program, you can buy a prepaid subscription and give it as a gift. You'd just purchase the prepaid subscription and when you receive the redemption code, share it with the recipient of your choice who can redeem the subscription at One thing to keep in mind is that the redemption codes will not work across borders. (So, someone in Canada could not gift a subscription to someone is the US and vice versa.)

Q: What happens when a prepaid subscription is not redeemed?
A: Codes will expire after three years (two years for California residents). At that time they will be turned over as unclaimed property.